Oxygen utilizes only licensed Community Association Managers (CAMS) to manage your association. Our staff is professionally educated and specifically trained to meet all your property management needs. Each professional CAM must participate in continuing education covering insurance, finances, legal updates, operation of the association’s physical property, human resources, etc. Duties include:

  • Implement Board Policies: in collaboration with the board of directors insure policies and procedures are put into practice.
  • Investigate Owner Complaints: using professional techniques investigate and bring owner complaints to a successful resolution.
  • Governing Documents and Rules & Regulations: enforce community rules and regulations through education and issuance of violations. Advise the board of directors of pertinent legislative updates. Review and recommend amendment changes to the documents.
  • Contract Bids: secure bids for property maintenance or improvement projects in accordance with board of directors, FS Chapter 718 (condo) and/or FS Chapter 720 (HOA) and the association’s governing document specifications.
  • Vendor Qualifications: verify all vendors are properly licensed and insured prior to commencing any project.
  • Property Inspection: make regular in depth proactive property maintenance inspections. Monitor and inspect vendor services.
  • Work Orders: coordinate and track timely completion of work orders.
  • Monthly Management Report: prepares a report summarizing the current month’s activities and future maintenance issues with recommendations.
  • Supervise On-Site Staff: monitor on-site staff according to terms of management agreement.
  • Agendas: prepare board meeting agendas and information packet for each board of director.
  • Attendance at Board Meetings: attend up to 12 board of director meetings annually. Transcribe board meeting minutes, if requested.
  • Annual Meetings: plan, prepare, and co-ordinate annual meeting in compliance with Florida statutes Chapter 718 (condo) or Chapter 720 (HOA) and the association’s governing documents.
  • Annual Budget: assist in preparation of annual budget.
  • Emergencies: respond and handle emergencies as per conditions of management agreement.


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